1312 Buchanan- taken from the April 2005 Newsletter

Remember the story of Sleeping Beauty? Well take a look at 1312 Buchanan Street. The prince is this case is in the form of the new owners Henry Hernandez and Scott Potter. They have relocated from the Metro-plex and awakened this two bedroom Craftsman Cottage, a real “Sleeping Beauty”. The exterior is getting a new coat of taupe paint. The interior has been completely restored. the holes in the hardwood floors have been repaired. The bathroom has been re-tiled and reconfigured into a gorgeous master bath. The kitchen has new dark cabinets and extensive tile work. The interior has been redecorated in wonderful greens, salmons and pale tans.

“This home is truly a showplace.”

Oh, and along the way, we’ve learned a little of the history of the house. It was originally built in 1924 by the owner of 1314 Buchanan for his daughter. There are some other tales about the history of the house, but you’ll just have to wait and talk to Henry and Scott about that.