1400 Hayes- taken from the October 2005 Newsletter

John T. Young and his wife, Beatrice came to Wichita County in 1890. He was an alderman for the City of Wichita Falls for several terms beginning in 1908. He was the police commissioner in 1924. He was a controversial mayor from 1934-1936 during a difficult period of the depression. Young dealt in real estate and oil leases, and was manager of the Dan Hardy estate and the Hardy Oil Company for ten years.

John and Beatrice built their home (1400 Hayes) in 1924. They lived there until John’s death in 1941. After his death, Beatrice sold the family home to Rudolph and Ethel Skrehot. Rudolph dealt in insurance and cattle. The Skrehots lived in the home until 1946 when they sold the house to Dr. W. Albert Baber and his wife, Era.

Dr. Baber was originally a jeweler and watchmaker. In 1924 he decided on a career change and became an optician/optometrist. Dr. and Mrs. Baber lived in the house until his death in the mid 1950s. Era continued living in the home until she sold it to W.D. and Beatrice Robertson in 1961.

After Mr. Robertson’s death, Beatrice lived in the house until she sold it to B.L. and Loyce McCoy in 1974. The McCoy’s had two children, a son, David, who is an advertising executive in Dallas, Texas, and a daughter, Marcia, who is a commercial artist, and who presently lives in the house. Mr. McCoy was a fighter pilot during World War II and distinguished himself with the many meritorious awards he won.