1404 Buchanan- taken from the March 2005 Newsletter

This old house at 1404 Buchanan has seen a lot of changes in the past, and there are still changes being made. The house started out like most of the others in our neighborhood. Built around 1914 it was a two story bungalow. Today after renovations that began with a former owner it appears as a Santa Fe style house. The current owners, “the Moore’s”, are completely renovating the interior. If you’ve ever tackled a remodeling project you know what a job it can be. What you think will take a week usually takes three. What you think will take a couple of months usually takes six. So it goes with the Moore’s. The end is getting closer in sight though.

As Dennis Moore says when you work within a budget of money and time everything takes on a life of its own. Dennis has most of the work done and is now working on the kitchen area. There is still some finishing work to be done and it like all things will just take a little more time. If you haven’t already, drive by and take a look at the unique exterior of this home.