1408 Buchanan- taken from the November 2003 Newsletter

This red brick craftsman style home was built in 1925 and features a partial wraparound porch on the ground level and balcony above. The large double lot has pecan and hackberry trees in the back yard that have survived the Wichita County winds and weather throughout the years, although several of the original trees in the front were lost in earlier days. The home was built for Dudley E. Jordan, a local real estate developer and his wife Mary. Their family would occupy the home from 1926 through 1965. The next occupant was Melba Harbord who lived in the house from 1966-1974. Several tales regarding this old house exist, including one out of the ordinary decorating touch: a stuffed buffalo head that sat atop the center of the roof facing the street!

The house sat vacant from 1975-1979 when the Rev. Jim Hance and his wife owned the property. 1990-1994 Tommy and Tami Pierce were owners, followed by the Charles and Rhonda Morgan family who lived here from 1994-1999. The current owners are Lt. Col. Larry Tutor and Mary Tutor and their children, Adam and Amanda. We have done extensive remodeling to the property while keeping the craftsman theme of simple lines and use of color on the walls with contrasting mold and trim. The previous occupants started the restoration process by redoing the hardwood floors and the garage apartment. We have remodeled the kitchen using the craftsman theme while adding modern conveniences and more space. Both bathrooms were redone with 1920’s style reproduction pieces and architectural details. The master bedroom has a new walk-in closet. Period wood blinds were installed throughout the home. The latest labor of love has been adding French doors to the back room and building a brick patio for an additional outdoor living space. We have enjoyed making this old house a home and have learned so much about remodeling and restoring these great homes. Anyone involved in this process knows the true adage– “They just don’t build ’em like this anymore!”