1413 Hayes- taken from the February 2005 Newsletter

The long history of this home and the other homes in Floral Heights begins with the purchase from the Indians in 1836 with the approval of the President of the Republic of Texas. The land in the Floral Heights Neighborhood originally sold in 1905. This house was part of the 1909 survey for The Floral Heights Realty Company. The 1917 contract called for a six room house and was built by Pills/Cox builders for Mary Ester Walker. According to the abstract the house was completed and Ms. Walker took possession of her home in May of 1917. The house was later expanded to include an upper story addition. The lot to the south of the house was listed as part of this property and appears to have been sold about the time the second floor was added. The present owners Diane and Michael Lovell, have the original abstract from the home while reading the legal description is another trick.