1512 Buchanan- taken from the June 2004 Newsletter

The two-story yellow brick home at 1512 Buchanan was built in 1924. The home was built by Bernard Martin, a prominent attorney who moved here in 1912 from Weatherford, Texas with his family. They lived in the home 64 years. In 1968 Ray and Helen Farabee purchased the home for $24,000 from the Martin estate. They lived in the home until they moved to Austin in 1987 when it was acquired by their son and daughter in law, David and Terri Farabee. Over the years, Terri has uncovered the original hard wood floors and restored the rooms to their original grandeur. Recently the home underwent a complete renovation of the exterior, including replacing the fence with the lattice-style fencing that was original to the home. While keeping the original charm and warmth of the home, having lived in the home since he was four years old, David appreciates the idea that his three children are growing up in the same rooms that he did but with cable TV, Nintendo and computers.

**Editors Note**- it has been said that Mary Martin, the Tony Award winning actress who portrayed Peter Pan on Broadway in the 1950’s, was related to the Martin family and would visit and dance on the porch!