1512 Hayes- taken from the July 2003 Newsletter

This property was in a parcel of land consisting of 283 acres, owned by Elizabeth Austin, (the wife of Stephen F. Austin) in 1881.

The owners of this property were: G.M. Dodge, J.A. Kemp, Mrs. J.O. McDowell, John Taylor, B.B. Bacon, M.C. Yanston, Dr. J.B. Nail, T.L. Wheeler, and Ed and Bettye Hanvey.

The house was built by Dr. J.B. Nail and his wife Jonnie in 1923. It was sold to T.L. Wheeler and wife Louise in 1934. Mr. Wheeler died in 1934 and the house was willed to his wife Elma Wheeler and their two daughters, Barbara and Marilyn. Mrs. Wheeler died in 1946, leaving the property to the daughters. The Hanveys purchased the property from the Wheeler estate in 1952.

When we moved into This Old House, we had three sons, between the ages of 6 and 10. They have all graduated from Midwestern Sate University, married and have families of their own. None live in Wichita Falls.

We have nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

In the fifty-one years that we’ve lived here, we’ve made many changes and all of them good. I suppose you could classify us as the last of the old timers.

We’ve been married for sixty-four years and are still in love. I suppose you might call that extended living.

God Bless, and we love you all.

-Ed and Bettye Hanvy