1515 Tilden- taken from the July 2004 Newsletter

This colonial Revival-style home was built in 1921 by W. H. Becker, manager of The Peoples Store. From 1924-1928, Harry Jaffe, with Golanda Oil, owned the property.

In 1926, Jaffe and his wife, along with all the other lot owners in the district signed a new contract permanently restricting the use of the property in the addition to residential purposes only. No business or public buildings of any kind were to be constructed or business of any kind conducted.

Charles E. and Gladys Millican, with Humble Oil owned the home from 1929-1936. In later years Oneida Rimmer, a teacher, lived in the home.

Craven and Amy Coates have renovated and modernized the home inside and out to raise their young family in this darling old home.