1713 Buchanan- taken from the November 2004 Newsletter

This small bungalow is one of those inspiring small homes in West Floral Heights. Its present owners, Karen and Cliff Nichols, fell into their home quite by design. Cliff had been commissioned to replace the roof on the home and garage a few years ago by the previous owners. Cliff thought then “what a charming home”, so much so that he decided that if it ever came up for sale he’d like to buy it. He even planted some morning glories around the garage. When the property did come available it had been all but abandoned, in fact for three years the neighborhood children had found a way in and were using it as a playground. Needless to say the place was pretty dismal when Cliff and Karen bought the two bedroom/one bath house. It did still have a lot of the original features and had not been added on to over the years. This original condition was one of the features that attracted them. They in turn have painted and cleaned and restored the home to near perfect condition. There is an original china closet in the dining room. As well as the original sink and fixtures in the kitchen including an old Keith and Merritt cook stove. They also discovered an old sled in the attic. I guess it was put there for lack of snow and just stayed with the house hoping we’d get a big snow storm someday.